WWE WrestleMania 33 Results (4/2/17) – Orlando, FL

WWE WrestleMania 33 Results (4/2/17) – Orlando, FL

WrestleMania 33 Kickoff Show

– Fans have entered the Camping World Stadium and Shawn Michaels has joined the pre-show panel.

Neville vs. Austin Aries
– The WWE Cruiserweight Title is on the line in this one. Neville gets frustrated in the opening moments as he has a hard time overcoming Aries’ offense. Aries hits a spinning elbow on Neville off the middle rope, and Neville rolls outside for recover. Aries goes for a suicide dive but Neville stops him with a kick to the head. Neville beats Aries down around ringside and then takes him back in the ring where he attempts a corkscrew moonsault. Aries rolls out of the way, then lays into Neville with chops. Aries follows up with a pendulum elbow and back body drops Neville outside to the floor. Aries goes up top and hits a splash onto Neville on the floor, then follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Aries hits a wicked missile dropkick off the top rope. Aries attempts the Discus Fivearm but Neville blocks with a superkick and follows up with a German suplex for a near-fall. Aries comes back with a successful Discus Fivearm and it sends Neville falling out of the ring. Austin rolls Neville back in the ring, but the champion rolls back to the apron. Neville comes back with a kick to the head, and both men are down. Neville climbs up to the top rope, but Aries jumps up and Frankensteiners the champion down to the mat. Aries follows up with a running forearm in the corner and then a 450 splash off the top. Neville kicks out at two, so Aries put him in an STF. Neville gauges the eye socket of Aries, but the referee doesn’t stop the match. Neville follows up with the Red Arrow to retain the Cruiserweight Title.
Winner: Neville

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:
– The Big Show and Braun Strowman are the only two entrants to have their entrance music played. Kalisto, Simon Gotch, and Heath Slater are the first three to be eliminated. Strowman and Big Show continue to eliminate anyone who comes across their path early on. The remaining talent gangs up on Big Show and Strowman, but Strowman then eliminates Big Show. Strowman is eliminated next, and the two early favorites to win are both out already. After a series of fast-paced eliminations, the final four is Jinder Mahal, Sami Zayn, Mojo Rawley, and Killian Dain. Dain quickly eliminates Zayn which gets him heat from the crowd. Jinder and Mojo brawl in front of Gronk from the New England Patriots. Jinder throws Gronks drink at him, and Gronk hops the fan barricade. The security stops Gronk, but it appears to have been a mistake and the referees run over and call off the security. Gronk gets in the ring and spears Jinder. Mojo high-fives Gronk and Gronk leaves. Mojo eliminates Dain after a series of running punches, and it’s down to Mojo and Jinder. Jinder tries to suplex Mojo outside, but Mojo blocks it and hits a running forearm on Jinder to knock him down for the elimination. Mojo celebrates with Gronk after the match.
Winner: Mojo Rawley

– Paul Heyman is backstage in the “social media lounge” to field some questions from fans. Heyman says his client Brock Lesnar will give Goldberg as many suplexes tonight as he deems appropriate. Heyman says Lesnar is the greatest athlete ever in WWE, and Goldberg’s comeback ends tonight.

– On the pre-show panel, Booker T predicts that Goldberg will win tonight and retain his WWE Universal Title, while Lawler and Shawn Michaels pick Lesnar.

Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin:
– The Intercontinental Title is on the line in this one. Corbin starts things off with a clothesline that drops Ambrose. Corbin continues to beat down Ambrose both in the ring and at ringside in the opening moments of this one. Ambrose mounts a comeback and sends Corbin to the outside. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive but Corbin punches him out of mid-air with a right hand. Corbin charges at Ambrose but Ambrose moves and Corbin crashes into the ring steps. Ambrose follows up with a flyign elbow off the top rope onto Corbin on the floor at ringside. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker on Corbin, but Corbin quickly comes back with a big boot and the Deep Six for a two count. Ambrose comes back with a lariat and attempts the Dirty Deeds, but Corbin fights out and hits a back suplex for another near-fall. Corbin gets frustrated and starts throwing elbows at Ambrose. Corbin goes for the End Of Days, but Ambrose escapes it and hits the Dirty Deeds for the win.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

– A singer name Tinashe comes out and sings America The Beautiful to open up the show, and we see fighter jets fly high above the arena. The “ultimate thrill ride” intro video airs, and WrestleMania 33 officially begins.

– Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are at ringside for commentary to start, and The New Day comes out to the ring to open up the show. They talk about being chosen to host WrestleMania because they rock, and how they’re glad to pull the level to start the ultimate thrill ride.

AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon:
– Styles and McMahon trade wrist locks and headlocks early on. AJ levels Shane with a shoulder block, then follows up with a snapmare and mocks Shane’s dancing. Shane comes back with some arm drags and takedowns, and AJ rolls outside to recover for a moment. Back in the ring they start exchanging punches and Shane gets the upper hand. AJ ducks a spear and sends Shane falling outside. AJ follows up with a baseball slide kick that sends Shane falling over the announce desk. Back in the ring, AJ tees off on Shane with kicks. AJ hits a big flying clothesline in the corner on Shane. AJ goes for a series of strikes on Shane, but Shane fights him off. AJ leaps up to the top rope, but Shane bumps him off. McMahon follows up with a series of right hands, then a flying elbow to the face. Shane follows up with a back body drop and an Olympic Slam. AJ kicks Shane in the leg and follows up with a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker over his knee. AJ locks Shane in the Calf Crusher, but Shane reverses into a sleeper hold and then an armbar. AJ gets out and they collide with a double clothesline and both men are down. AJ goes for a springboard 450 splash, but Shane rolls out of the way and puts AJ in a triangle choke. AJ picks up Shane from the triangle choke position and hits Shane with the Styles Clash. AJ only had one of Shane’s arms hooked for the Styles Clash, and Shane kicks out at two. AJ and Shane trade right hands in the middle of the ring, and the crowd sounds in favor of Styles. Shane hits some knees on AJ and AJ goes to kick him, but he accidentally kicks the referee. Styles hits the Pele Kick on Shane. The ref is down, so AJ grabs a couple trash cans from under the ring. AJ sits Shane in the corner and puts the trash can in front of him. AJ gets up on the opposite corner and comes flying towards Shane, but Shane hops up and blocks AJ with the trash can. Now Shane sits AJ in the corner, and puts the other trash can in front of him. Shane goes up top and successfully hits the coast to coast dropkick on AJ. The referee finally gets up, but AJ kicks out at two. Shane puts AJ on the announce table at ringside and heads to the top rope. Shane goes flying for an elbow drop, but AJ rolls out the way and Shane crashes through the table by himself. AJ rolls Shane into the ring and goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Shane ducks it and hits a DDT on AJ. Shane goes up top for a Shooting Star Press, but AJ rolls out of the way and Shane crashes on the ring. AJ follows up with the Phenomenal Forearm for the three count.
Winner: AJ Styles

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho:
– For Jericho’s entrance we have a huge “List of Jericho” book on the stage, and Jericho has a light-up scarf. Owens hits the cannonball in the corner early on, then Jericho rolls out to the apron and sits up against the ring post. Owens follows him to the apron and hits a cannonball against the ring post on the apron too. Back in the ring, Owens follows up with a senton splash for a two count. Jericho dropkicks Owens out to ringside and follows him to the floor where Jericho hits a back body drop. Back in the ring, Jericho hits a Frankensteiner off the top on Owens for a two count. Jericho hits a bulldog and goes for the Lionsault, but Owens stops him and hits a superkick. Owens goes up top for a Swanton bomb, but Jericho blocks it with his knees and both men are down. Owens starts laying into Jericho, but Jericho is able to put a stop to him with a back elbow and a successful Lionsault. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, but Owens blocks it and locks Jericho in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho gets out, but Owens drops him with a superkick. Owens goes for a cannonball in the corner, but Jericho moves out of the way and puts Owens in the Walls. Owens reaches the ropes to break the hold. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, but Owens blocks it and hits the Pop Up Powerbomb for a near-fall. Owens goes for another Pop Up Powerbomb, but this time Jericho reverses it into a Codebreaker. Things go to ringside where Owens powerbombs Jericho onto the corner of the ring apron. Owens rolls Jericho back in the ring and pins to win the United States Championship.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Bayley vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte:
– Nia starts off charging at Sasha right off the bell. Nia dominates the opening couple of minutes and hits a bonsai drop on Bayley, which Graves called a vertical splash. Bayley and Sasha are brawling at ringside, and Nia throws Charlotte at them like a bowling ball to knock them down. Bayley, Sasha and Charlotte all team up to wear down Nia. Bayley and Sasha double-back suplex Nia with a big boot assist from Charlotte. Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha triple-team powerbomb Nia off the middle rope, and pin her for the elimination. Nia is the first woman to be eliminated. The action goes to ringside, and Charlotte hits a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope onto Bayley and Sasha at ringside. Back in the ring, Charlotte continues with offense on Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte tries to rip the turnbuckle off and does loosen it and Sasha continues the offense on her. Charlotte throws Sasha face-first into the exposed turnbuckle and rolls her up for the elimination, and it’s down to Charlotte and Bayley. Charlotte goes for a moonsault off the top on Bayley but Bayley rolls out of the way and covers her for a near-fall. Bayley goes to the top but Charlotte catches her in mid-air and slams her. Charlotte goes into the Figure Four and Figure Eight but Bayley breaks the hold. Charlotte continues working on Bayley’s knee and goes for a spear in the corner, but Bayley moves. Bayley follows up with the flying elbow drop off the top rope for the win.
Winner: Bayley

– The WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017 comes out to the stage, with Kurt Angle coming out last with his own entrance music.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Enzo & Cass: The New Day comes out and announces that this match is now a Fatal Four Way — and then the Hardy Boyz’ music hits. Matt and Jeff Hardy come out next and get a huge ovation from the crowd. Matt does appear to still be “broken.” The Hardy boys hit the Poetry In Motion early on against Gallows and Anderson. The Hardys hit their signature double team moves on Enzo and Cass next. Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind on both Cesaro and Sheamus, and the crowd goes off with “delete” chants. Matt grabs a ladder and starts laying out everyone who comes near him. Gallows and Anderson grab a ladder and lay out the Hardy boys with it. Enzo and Cass take out The Club, and then Cass starts laying everyone out with big boots. Cesaro falls off the ladder and gets his leg tied up in the rungs. Enzo and Big Cass grab even more ladders and slide them in the ring. Matt and Jeff lay some ladders across the ring apron and fan barricade. In the ring, Sheamus hits the 10 Beats of The Baron on Gallows, and Cesaro swings Anderson. Sheamus hits a running powerslam on Anderson, then Cesaro hits a 619 on Gallows. Cass big boots a ladder into Cesaro and sends him off the apron. There’s some brawling at ringside, then Sheamus kicks Jeff off the apron onto everyone. Back in the ring, Gallows and Anderson powerbomb Cass into a ladder. Enzo almost grabs the title belts, but Anderson stops him. Sheamus and Cesaro go for a double Razor’s Edge on Anderson, but Gallows makes the save. They hit the Magic Killer on Cesaro and throw him and Sheamus out to the ladders that are propped up between the ring and barricade. Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Gallows, then gives Anderson a Twist of Fate off the ladder. Jeff Hardy climbs a ladder that’s nowhere near the titles, and hits a huge Swanton Bomb on Cesaro and Sheamus through the ladders. Back in the ring, Matt grabs the title belts for the win, and The Hardy Boys are now the RAW Tag Team Titles.
Winner: Hardy Boyz

– Jimmy Fallon is shown in the crowd.

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse:
– Jerry Lawler replaces Otunga on commentary. Al Roker does the ring announcing and introduces himself as “Chocolate Thunder.” The Miz is hesitant to start things early on and takes a few opportunities to taunt the crowd. Cena charges at Miz but The Miz rolls out to ringside. Back in the ring, The Miz mounts some offense against Cena and taunts Nikki on the apron. The Miz hits a running clothesline on Cena in the corner and eats up the crowd’s cheers. Miz continues working on Cena with kicks and keeping him grounded. The Miz is playing to the crowd and hits Daniel Bryan-style kicks on Cena. Nikki and Maryse finally tags in and Nikki immediately spears down Maryse. Nikki levels Maryse with a elbow and then Cena hits the back suplex on Miz. They each hit back suplexes and and Five Knuckle Shuffles, then Cena hits the AA and Nikki hits the Rack Attack for the win. After the match, Cena gets a mic. Cena proposes to Nikki after the match and she says yes.
Winner: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H:
– There are motorcycle cops all around the stage, and Triple H is on a three-wheeled motorcycle with Stephanie on the back. The police ride along with Triple H down to the ring an he circles the ring on his bike American Badass style. The Game and Rollins start off throwing punches as soon as the bell rings. Things go out to ringside very early where they brawl over the fan barricade. Rollins back body drops Triple H back onto the ringside floor, then hits a flying clothesline off the barricade onto Triple H. Back in the ring, Rollins continues delivering offense to the 14-time World Champion. Triple H rolls back outside and Rollins drops him with a suicide dive. They brawl onto the announce table and Triple H DDTs Rollins onto the table, but the table doesn’t break. Triple H grabs a chair and slams it on Rollins’ knee. Triple H is now focused in on Rollins’ bad knee and continues working on it both outside and inside the ring. Rollins tries to fight back but his knee prevents him, until he gets Triple H up and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. Triple H rolls outside and Rollins follows him out and continues to beat him down. Back in the ring, Rollins comes at HHH with a chair, but The Game kicks out his bad knee. Triple H goes up top but Rollins hits him with a chair then superplexes him off. Rollins follows up with the Falcons Arrow for a near-fall. Triple H comes back with a variation of the Figure Four. Rollins attempts a comeback, but Triple H stomps on his knee and takes him out to ringside for more offense on the knee. Rollins crawls back in the ring, and Triple H grabs a sledgehammer. Rollins hits a superkick on The Game, but Triple H comes back with a clothesline, and both men are down. Rollins grabs the sledgehammer, but Stephanie gets on the apron and grabs it from behind it. Rollins turns around into a boot from Triple H, and HHH hits a Pedigree for a near-fall. Triple H takes Rollins up top, but Rollins throws him off. Rollins hits the Phoenix Splash off the top for a two. They trade Pedigree attempts until Triple H finally goes back to Rollins’ knee. Stephanie grabs Rollins from behind and Triple H goes to hit him, but Rollins ducks. Rollins superkicks Triple H and he bumps into Stephanie, who falls off the apron through a table! Triple H looks furious, and when he turns around Rollins hits him with a Pedigree for the win.
Winner: Seth Rollins

– Pitbull and Flo Rida come out to perform for the crowd in Orlando.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt:
– Wyatt’s WWE World Championship is on the line in this one. Orton starts off on the offensive with a powerslam, but Wyatt quickly comes back. Wyatt drops Orton with an elbow, then hangs backwards from the corner. The lights go out, and a projection of maggots is displayed on the ring apron. Orton freaks out and rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Orton attempts an RKO, and Wyatt attempts a Sister Abigail, but Orton escapes and Wyatt drops him with an elbow. Wyatt follows up with a running splash in the corner. Wyatt hangs from the corner again, and this time a projection of worms is shown on the mat. On the outside, Wyatt comes flying off the apron towards Orton but Orton stops him in mid-air with a dropkick. Orton hits an RKO on Wyatt at ringside, then a draping DDT over the middle rope in the ring. Wyatt comes back with a Sister Abigail for a two count. Wyatt hangs off the corner again and this time we see cockroaches in the ring. Wyatt goes for another Sister Abigail, but Orton comes back with an RKO out of nowhere for the win. Orton celebrates with the WWE World Championship in the ring before he leaves.
Winner: Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg:
– Goldberg’s got the security with him for his entrance. Before the match, Heyman steals the mic from Jojo to give Lesnar his ring introduction himself. As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar immediately circles behind Goldberg and starts a series of German Suplexes. Lesnar takes a moment to yell at the crowd, and he turns around into a spear from Goldberg. Goldberg hits another spear, then Lesnar rolls outside. Goldberg follows him out, and spears Lesnar through a fan barricade. Back in the ring, Goldberg goes for a Jackhammer, but Lesnar gets out and goes for an F-5. Goldberg gets out, and spears Lesnar. Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer again, and this time he hits it. Goldberg kicks out at two. Goldberg is surprised, and he backs into hte corner for another spear. Goldberg goes for a spear, but Lesnar jumps over him and Goldberg hits the turnbuckle. Lesnar follows up with German suplexes. Lesnar finishes after the tenth German suplex, then Lesnar hits the F-5 for the win. Lesnar and Heyman celebrate with the WWE Universal Championship in the ring.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch:
– All six women go at it as soon as the bell rings, and Naomi hits a hurricanrana on Natalya early on. Things go outside and Natalya hits a vertical suplex on Noami. Back in the ring, Becky starts laying people out, then James Ellsworth runs in. Ellsworth goes for the No Chin Music, but Becky catches him with a t-bone suplex. Natalya attempts a double Sharpshooter on Becky and Alexa but doesn’t quite get it. Naomi comes back in and starts cleaning house. She hits a suicide dive on everyone at ringside, then back in the ring she locks Alexa in a submission for the win. Naomi celebrates with her new Women’s Championship belt after the match with a dark-light dance demonstration.
Winner: Naomi

– The New Day comes out and Big E says there’s a new attendance record for the “Citrus Bowl.” Kofi announces it as 75,245.

Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker:
– Jim Ross makes his entrance before the match, complete with entrance music. This one is a no holds barred match. Undertaker backs Reigns into the corner with punches as soon as the bell rings. Taker throws Reigns outside, and when Reigns rolls back in, Taker hits him with right hands and throws him back outside. Each time Taker throws him outside, he tells him it’s his yard. Reigns pulls Taker’s neck across the top rope an then comes back in the ring and hits a Samoan Drop. Taker rolls outside and Reigns follows him. Taker starts unloading offense on Reigns at ringside until Reigns knocks him back and hits a running dropkick. Back in the ring, Taker and Reigns exchange right hands. Taker goes fr a back body drop, Reigns kicks him and Taker no-sells it. Taker takes Reigns into the corner with punches and headbutts, then measures up for a chokeslam but Reigns rolls outside. Taker follows Reigns outside and decks him with a right hand. Taker clears the announce table, and J.R., Cole and JBL get out of the way. Reigns comes back with a dropkick. Reigns goes for a superman punch, but Taker catches him an chokeslams Reigns into a different announce table. Taker gets up on the English announce table and Reigns spears him off through the Spanish announce table. Reigns rolls back in the ring, and Undertaker sits straight up. Taker rolls in but Reigns immediately starts dropping knees on him. Reigns hits a series of clotheslines in the corner, then mounts him for a series of ten punches. After the tenth, Taker hits the Last Ride for a two count. Taker brings a chair in the ring then big boots Reigns. Taker starts teeing off on Reigns with the chair, then measures up for the chokeslam, but Reigns comes back with a superman punch. Reigns hits another one, but on his next attempt The Undertaker grabs him and chokeslams him for a two count. Taker hits a Tombstone piledriver for a near-fall. Taker goes for another one, and they try to do the rollover reversal, but Reigns was unable to get Taker up. The reversal spot doesn’t look good, and Reigns settles for a superman punch instead. Reigns follows up with a spear, but when he goes to pin, Taker puts him in an armbar. Reigns reaches the bottom rope, and the referee breaks it up despite this being a no holds barred match. Taker goes for the chair, but Reigns gets it first and nails Taker with it several times. Reigns follows up with a spear for a near-fall. Reigns hits another spear and Undertaker kicks out again. Reigns hits a superman punch. The Undertaker sits up, but he falls over. When he gets up, Reigns appears to be going for a spear, but instead throws some punches. Reigns bounces off the ropes a few more times and hits another spear, this time it’s for the win.
Winner: Roman Reigns

– Reigns makes his way to the back, and Undertaker is still down in the ring. Taker sits up as the crowd chants “thank you Taker.” Ross, Cole and JBL take us through some replays from the match. When we come back from the replays, Taker is in his trench coat and hat with the black lights on. The Undertaker looks out at the crowd as his music plays. The Undertaker takes off his gloves, trench coat, and hat, and lays them in the ring as the crowd gives him a standing ovation. The Undertaker walks over to his wife in the front row and kisses her before making the long walk back up the ramp. The Undertaker raises his fist while on the ramp, and then he lowers down into the ramp. The lights all go out and the gong sounds several times before the WrestleMania 33 broadcast from Orlando ends.