WWE SmackDown Results (8/2)

WWE SmackDown Results (8/2)

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown aired live on the USA Network from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.

– SmackDown opens up with Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton watching footage of Orton attacking Brock Lesnar on RAW last night. Shane lectures Orton and says there will be repercussions. Shane sends security to accompany Orton. The Miz and Maryse approach Shane and Daniel to complain about how they’re being treated, and Daniel Bryan announces that tonight we’ll find out who the #1 contender for The Miz’s Intercontinental Title is for SummerSlam. Bryan and McMahon run into Ambrose, and he’s out next to address the #1 contender.

– Dean Ambrose comes out to the ring to cut a promo on Dolph Ziggler, and is quickly interrupted by Ziggler himself. Ambrose says he scratched and clawed to get where he is. Ziggler says Ambrose started off with Rollins and Reigns, while he started off as a male cheerleader in The Spirit Squad, so he had a bigger struggle than Ambrose. Ambrose trashes Ziggler for being a show-off and wasting his time. Ambrose says Ziggler may “steal the show,” but he’ll lose. Ziggler freaks out and says he’s going to beat Ambrose’s ass at SummerSlam because he’s that damn good. Ambrose says he’s not that good, and walks away.

– The lights go out and Bray Wyatt is in the ring laying out Dolph Ziggler with the Sister Abigail. Wyatt cuts a promo on the unconscious Ziggler. Wyatt says Ziggler should face him tonight to prove he’s worth of being the #1 contender, and if Wyatt wins he wants to take his place at SummerSlam.

– Backstage, Ziggler demands that Shane and Daniel make the match against Wyatt later tonight. Shane agrees.

– Apollo Crews def. Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto: After some back and forth action in the opening moments, Corbin seems to take control. Kalisto springboards off the back of Crews to hit a hurricanrana on Corbin. Crews hits a powerbomb on Kalisto for a 2 count, then Corbin hits the Deep Six on Crews for another near-fall. Kalisto goes for a hurricanrana off the top on Corbin, but Corbin catches him, and Crews dropkicks them to the outside. Kalisto rolls back in and Crews quickly rolls him up for the win. Corbin attacks Kalisto after the bell until Crews comes back for the save. The Miz runs in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Crews, then Corbin hits the Deep Six on The Miz.

– Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie – No Contest: Before the match starts, Eva Marie complains to the referee. The referee instructs an announcer to tell the crowd that the match will not take place because Eva Marie is unable to complete. A trainer escorts Eva to the back.

– American Alpha def. The Vaudevillains: Gable controls Simon Gotch for the majority of the opening moments. Jordan gets the tag and they hit a pair of dropkicks to send the Vaudevillains to the outside. The Vaudevillains mount a brief comeback but Jason Jordan takes them out with a series of suplexes, then tags in Gable for a double-team suplex for the win.

– AJ Styles comes out to address John Cena. Before Styles can finish his first sentence, Cena’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. AJ says before Cena came out and rudely interrupted him, he was about to say he figured out what his problem is with Cena. AJ says he doesn’t want Cena here, and he doesn’t belong in the same ring as AJ. AJ says weak-minded people are Cena fans, and “Nashville are the weakest, believe me I know.” He says the kids and their parents who like Cena are all delusional. AJ says he’s going to prove that Cena is a fraud. Cena cuts a promo about how his fans believe in something, and says he’ll never leave WWE. AJ says if Cena never backs down from a challenge, how about a match at SummerSlam? Cena says he’s going to teach him a lesson at SummerSlam. AJ says on the next Tuesday after SummerSlam, Cena has to come out and say AJ is better than him. AJ says if Cena doesn’t admit it after SummerSlam he’s a liar, and if he does admit it he’s a loser.

– Randy Orton vs. Fandango – No Contest: There is extra security around the ring in case Brock Lesnar shows up. Orton control the opening moments of the match until Tyler Breeze distracts him from ringside and Fandango lays him out with a dropkick. Orton hits a spinning powerslam, then Breeze runs in and gets a spinning powerslam too. Orton DDT’s Fandango off the middle rope, then calls for the RKO. Brock Lesnar appears in the crowd. Orton hits the RKO on Fandango, then Lesnar hits the ring and hits the F-5 on Orton. Security surrounds the ring and Shane McMahon comes down and escorts Lesnar to the back and kicks him out of the arena.

– Daniel Bryan is in the back talking to Heath Slater. Slater says he’s the hottest free agent in sports entertainment, and Bryan gives him a match next week and if he wins he gets a SmackDown contract. Before Bryan can say, Rhino comes in and Gores Slater. Bryan says Rhino will be Slater’s opponent next week.

– Randy Orton declines an interview in the back about his condition after being attacked by Lesnar.

– Carmella comes out and introduces herself on the mic. Natalya attacks her from behind and suplexes her on the floor at ringside before putting her in the Sharpshooter.

– Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan approach Ziggler in the back and ask him not to go through with tonight’s match as he has nothing to win. Ziggler tells them to screw off for not believing in him and walks away.

– Dolph Ziggler def. Bray Wyatt: Dean Ambrose is on commentary for this one. Ziggler starts with a dropkick and a Fameasser right off the bell, but Wyatt kicks out from the pin and rolls to the outside. Wyatt comes back with a clothesline on Zigger and beats him down around ringside. Bray appeared to hurt his ankle during a roll-up, but the match continued and Bray hits a superplex on Ziggler off the top rope. Ziggler comes back with a splash in the corner, a neckbreaker and an elbow drop for a near-fall. Bray hits a vertical suplex and a Senton splash for a near-fall of his own. Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag for another 2 count, then rips the turnbuckle padding off the corner. Bray comes back with a Rock Bottom for another 2. Dolph slams Bray into the exposed turnbuckle then superkicks him for the win.

– After the match, Eric Rowan attacks Ziggler from behind. Ambrose runs in for the save but Rowan and Wyatt get the better of him, then Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Ziggler.

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