WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/20)

WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/20)

The November 20th edition of SmackDown Live took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, and was the first episode after Survivor Series 2018.
– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video package looking at Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series on Sunday.

– Charlotte’s music hits and she comes out to the ring to kick off tonight’s show. Charlotte gets on the mic and says she hopes Ronda isn’t looking for an apology from her, because she’s not sorry and she’s glad she beat her ass. Charlotte says that beating was on behalf of all the women of SmackDown, and their Champion Becky Lynch. SmackDown GM Paige comes down the ramp, and she’s got a mic. Paige says Charlotte doesn’t have to apologize for beating on Ronda, but it sounds like Ronda is going to track down Charlotte for revenge. Charlotte says if Ronda sticks her nose in her business again, she’s going to stick her head in a chair and stomp on it. Paige interrupts and points out that Charlotte attacked some WWE referees on Sunday, so Paige has to fine Charlotte $100,000 for the attack. The Iiconics come out to interrupt, and this leads to a match between Charlotte and Billie Kay.
– Charlotte vs. Billie Kay: Charlotte starts off this one strong, and she keeps Billie grounded with a side headlock. Billie fights up, but Charlotte drops her with an uppercut, and then she follows up with some knee drops. Charlotte looks for the Figure Four, but Billie escapes and rolls outside for a breather. Charlotte follows her outside, and a distraction from Peyton leads to Billie hitting a kick to the face. Back in the ring, Billie stomps on Charlotte, then she distracts the ref so Peyton can hit a cheap shot from ringside. Billie continues the offense until Charlotte catches her with a fallaway slam. Charlotte hits the Natural Selection for the three count.
Winner: Charlotte
– After the match, Charlotte calls out Peyton. Peyton is hesitant to get in the ring, and she accepts and the ref calls for the opening bell.

– Charlotte vs. Peyton Royce: Charlotte takes the fight to Peyton early on, but Peyton shuts her down with a knee to the face in the corner. Peyton continues the offense on Charlotte and drops her with a clothesline for a two count. Charlotte blocks a kick and answers with a big boot to Peyton’s face. Charlotte goes for a slam, but Billie Kay runs in and attacks Charlotte, and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner via DQ: Charlotte
– The Iiconics beat on Charlotte after the bell. The Iiconics go outside to find a steel chair, but this allows Charlotte to get up and head out to ringside. Charlotte spears Peyton and Billie on the floor, then she slams their faces on the announce table. Charlotte throws them into the fan barricade and ring steps next. She throws them over the announce table next, then poses for the crowd.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Rey Mysterio, where he talks about his history with Randy Orton, and says Orton is now more dangerous than he’s ever been. Rey says he didn’t come back to WWE to be one of Orton’s victims – and we will all watch and see what he does to Orton.
– Still to come: Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
– The Miz is shown getting ready backstage.
– The Miz comes out to the ring for tonight’s Miz TV segment. The Miz says it was an honor to fight beside tonight’s guest at Survivor Series – the commissioner of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon. Shane slowly walks down to the ring and has a seat next to Miz. Shane says he won’t shuffle tonight because he’s a little banged up from Survivor Series. Miz talks about being a fan of Shane at Survivor Series, and also at the World Cup when they won the trophy together. Shane says he doesn’t remember much from Sunday after Braun Strowman clotheslined him. Miz says he has a question for Shane — will he team up with him and form a tag team. Miz says they would be the best in the world together, and he thinks Shane is a survivor and a champion. Shane doesn’t seem interested, and Miz is disappointed. Miz says if Shane is really a man, and if he’s really a McMahon, then Shane will team up with Miz against some competition right here and now. The Miz introduces two local enhancement talents, The Bryant Brothers. It looks like we’ve got a match, even though Shane is still in his street clothes.

– The Miz & Shane McMahon vs. The Bryant Brothers: Miz boots down one of then enhancement talents, then stomps on him while he’s down. Miz hits the DDT, and it looks like Miz wants to tag in Shane. Shane tells Miz he should finish the match while his opponent is down, but Miz wastes time. The local talent snatches Miz and rolls him up in a small package for the three count.
Winners: The Bryant Brothers
– Shane makes fun of Miz after the match, and Miz is not happy with the finish.
– The New Day is backstage with R-Truth in a turkey suit to get in the mood for Thanksgiving. The broadcast team tells us that tonight we will see the first ever Thanksgiving Feast Fight.

– A table is set up in the ring with a Thanksgiving dinner on it, and The New Day comes out dressed as pilgrims. The New Day talks about what they’re thankful for, Big E starts licking the turkey on the table. The Bar comes out to interrupt, and we have a match.
– The Bar & The Big Show vs. The New Day: This one is a six-man tag, and the Thanksgiving dinner table has been moved out to ringside. Big Show starts off with some chops to the chest of Xavier Woods. Cesaro tags in and connects with some uppercuts, then Sheamus tags in for the double team. Sheamus and Woods trade kicks, and then Cesaro tags back in. Woods fights back, then Kofi and Sheamus tag in. Kofi drops Sheamus with a flying clothesline, then he hits the boom drop. Kofi connects with a kick, then he hits a flying crossbody off the top on Sheamus. Cesaro and Woods come in but they get knocked outside. Big Show tries to come in, but Big E runs in and knocks Big Show off the apron, and Big Show falls through the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sheamus throws Big E outside, then he grabs a turkey from another table at ringside. Sheamus brings the turkey in the ring and he swings at Kofi with it, but Kofi ducks. Kofi knocks Sheamus outside, then Kofi grabs the turkey and goes to the top turnbuckle. Kofi goes flying off the top down onto Sheamus at ringside, and he hits Sheamus over the head with the turkey, and Sheamus falls through a table at ringside. Back in the ring, Big E grabs another turkey and shoves his hand in it. Big E punches Sheamus with the turkey on his hand, and covers for the three count.
Winners: The New Day
– After the match, Cesaro gets in the ring and fights with the New Day. The New Day starts bringing food in the ring and slamming it all in Cesaro’s face.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Randy Orton, and he’s messing around with a Rey Mysterio mask. Orton says the mask means nothing to him and it should be erased. Orton says Rey’s fans will be disappointed tonight because of the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment: RKO.
– Naomi and Asuka are backstage heading towards the gorilla position.
– Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose vs. Asuka & Naomi: Naomi starts off strong against Mandy, until Sonya gets the blind tag and spears down Naomi. Mandy tags back in for the double team, then she beats on Naomi in the corner. Asuka comes in and drops Mandy. Asuka sends Mandy into Sonya to knock Sonya off the apron. Asuka hits the shining wizard on Mandy for a two count. Sonya tags herself in on Mandy’s back, and they almost accidentally collide which leads to an argument between Mandy and Sonya. The distraction leads to Asuka dropping them both from behind, then she puts Sonya in the Asuka Lock for the win.
Winners: Naomi and Asuka
– We see a video package looking at the recent drama between Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton.
– Another promo video for Lars Sullivan’s main roster debut airs.

– WWE Champion Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring next. Bryan gets on the mic and says he doesn’t expect these people to understand him. Bryan talks about himself in the third person and says he committed an act of betrayal by retiring three years ago and giving up on his dreams. Bryan says unlike the fans, he doesn’t accept failure, and he learned his lesson. Bryan talks about his WWE return being a great moment for him, but for the fans it was just a moment, they weren’t there for his struggle and pain to return. Bryan trashes the fans for supporting AJ Styles over him, and he talks about kicking AJ in the balls. He says the old Daniel Bryan is dead. Bryan exits the ring and walks over to the timekeeper’s area, and he demands for them to announce his name as “the new Daniel Bryan.” Bryan stands on the broadcast table and holds up his WWE Title before leaving.
– R-Truth and Carmella do a promo for WWE Shop.

– Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton: Rey starts off fired up in this one and he sends Randy outside. Rey follows up with a seated senton on the outside, then he throws Orton back in the ring. Orton slams Rey into the corner, and he tries to rip off Rey’s mask. Orton hangs Rey upside down in the corner and puts the boots to him. Randy goes back to Rey’s mask and starts ripping at it. Rey fights off Orton, but then Rey misses a missile dropkick attempt. Rey fights back again and looks for for the 619, but Orton blocks it. Randy goes for a DDT, but Rey escapes and he drops Randy on the ropes again. Rey connects with the 619 this time, and then he dumps Orton outside. Rey dives at Orton on the outside, but Orton catches him with a mid-air RKO on the floor. Orton carries Rey back in the ring, and then Orton hits another RKO in the ring for the three count.
Winner: Randy Orton
– After the match, Orton grabs a steel chair and takes Rey out to ringside. Orton puts the chair around Rey’s head, then he slams him into the ring post. Orton rips off Rey’s mask and holds it up in the air. Medics come to check on Rey, and they don’t show his face on camera. Orton holds Rey’s mask up in the air as SmackDown goes off the air.