WWE Raw Results (2/24): Kevin Owens Faces Randy Orton, Elimination Chamber Contract Signing

WWE Raw Results (2/24): Kevin Owens Faces Randy Orton, Elimination Chamber Contract Signing

February 24, 2020 


We kick off the show with The Viper, who says he needs to apologize. He says that recently his emotions have become unbalanced and he learned that it has been 15 years since WWE was in Winnipeg. On that show, he was the Intercontinental Champion, and he was punched in the face by a certain man…his name was Adam (Edge).

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Randy Orton says the fans will never understand why he did what he did, but he is very sorry for what he did. But it seems like someone might not be believing him as Kevin Owens makes his way out to a terrific ovation from the Canadian fans.

Does @FightOwensFight accept @RandyOrton's apology? 🤔

Guess we're about to find out… #Raw pic.twitter.com/zUAYIZ3urf

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2020

Kevin Owens says he has been dealing with delusional people for the past month, but he says tonight that issue is being put aside because he has an issue with Orton. KO says dealing with delusional people is a speciality of his, and he clarifies he heard Orton apologize for what he did to Edge.

Owens then says that he doesn’t think Orton means it, and he wants to know the real reason for what he did. Orton warns Owens that he doesn’t want to go down that road, but KO says he really does because he remembers sitting home and watching Edge retire.

Kevin Owens says when he saw Edge return, he wasn’t watching as a superstar, he was watching as a fan to think he might get to step into the ring with him. The Viper says that Edge thought he knew him, and Owens says he thinks the fans want to see them fight!

Orton accepts Kevin Owens’ challenge for a match tonight…but not right now.


Backstage, Zelina Vega says that the only business they have with Humberto is a chore to take out the trash, adding that there’s some family Angel is proud of, and some he would rather deny.


The two men start out exchanging a series of chops and slaps to the face while in a headstand position, in what is a very interesting move. Angel Garza uses the hair to his advantage, but it doesn’t fully work out as Humberto Carrillo is smartly able to reverse everything Garza attempts, eventually connecting with a superkick.

Carrillo follows up with a huge suicide dive to the outside, sending Angel firing into the barricade. However, as we return from commercial Garza is in control, ripping off the pants and launching them at Garza, bouncing him off the top rope and then launching him back across the ring. Garza then follows it up with a sharp kick to the face.

This one's off to a 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 start!#Raw @humberto_wwe pic.twitter.com/KlcAGagkOr

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 25, 2020

Humberto manages to fight back by dragging Garza across the ring and he follows up with his classic arm drag. It sends Angel to the outside but as he dives out Angel ducks. Carrillo then jumps over his body and does a headstand on the apron, but he eats a superkick to the face for his trouble.

Carrillo then gets caught by another superkick on the apron, but he responds with a big kick of his own as both men end up laid out on the apron. Carrillo tries to send Garza into the ring post but he leaps up and kicks Carrillo back down, hitting a perfect moonsault to the outside to follow it up.

As we return from a second commercial, Humberto connects with a Spanish Fly, but it is only able to earn a two-count. Carrillo then heads to the top rope but Zelina Vega provides a distraction, and Angel Garza hits his own Spanish Fly, from the top rope and this time it’s Carrillo kicking out!

The two men then trade several near falls and eventually, Garza gets the best of his cousin, holding him down for the pinfall victory after a tremendous match.

Winner: Angel Garza

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