WWE 205 Live Results (10/24): Enzo Defends Cruiserweight Title, Cedric Alexander Given a Choice

WWE 205 Live Results (10/24): Enzo Defends Cruiserweight Title, Cedric Alexander Given a Choice

WWE 205 Live Results
October 24, 2017

(1) Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander def. Noam Darr & Tony Nese. Lots of quick moves and counters by Alexander at the start, until Nese made a blind tag and jumped Swann from behind. They built up the hot tag to Cedric who cleaned house, before The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher showed up and distracted him. Swann hit a Phoenix Splash to the floor taking out Darr, and Alexander with the Lumbar Check on Nese to win. 

– Jack Gallagher cut a promo claiming to offer an “olive branch” to the rest of 205 Live. They want Cedric on their team if he’s willing to drop the dead weight holding him back. Apparently Swann doesn’t have the mean streak needed to climb up the ladder in WWE. Gallagher and Kendrick say they’re coming for Swann next week, and it’s up to Alexander to decide what he wants to do. 

– Drew Gulak came out and complained about getting bumped from the WWE TLC card. He said he’s staging a protest and will not leave the ring until he gets to go over all 277 slides in his Power Point presentation from the very beginning. Gran Metalik cut him off. 

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(2) Drew Gulak def. Gran Metalik. More angry ranting by Gulak trying to stop Metalik from flying, but that lasts about 4.7 seconds. The match was all high-flying with Metalik controlling most of it, but Gulak caught him in a dragon sleeper to get the submission win. 

– Gulak tried to murder Metalik after the match but Akira Tozawa came out to make the save, sending Gulak packing with a kick that sent him out of the ring. 

(3) Enzo Amore (c) retained the Cruiserweight Championship over Kalisto. The challenger was all fired up going after Enzo relentlessly, ignoring the referee’s warnings. Enzo took a bunch of cheap shots trying to hang on to his title. Kalisto hit a crazy destroyer out on the apron at one point and barely made it in before a count of nine. He looked to have things put away but Enzo attacked the ref and sent him into the ropes to knock down the challenger, causing a DQ. 

– Post match brawl between the two as Enzo tried to escape with the title and Kalisto went after him. Officials came out to separate them, as Kalisto was screaming out in frustration. Enzo grabbed a mic and announced himself as “still the Cruiserweight Champion” just to add insult to injury.