WATCH: Roman Reigns On His Emotional Return, Battling Leukemia, WWE’s Plan To Establish New Foundations & More

WATCH: Roman Reigns On His Emotional Return, Battling Leukemia, WWE’s Plan To Establish New Foundations & More

Following last night’s incredible announcement on WWE RAW that his Leukemia is now in remission, Roman Reigns appeared on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts Tuesday morning to discuss his journey back to the ring and more.

One of the first things the Big Dog spoke on was returning to the WWE ring on Monday night and getting back to work, and why being able to share his remission with the fans was, in some ways, the final and most important part of the entire experience.

“It was amazing. It’s one of those things that I thought about over and over. I knew in my head, this journey’s not going to be complete until I get to step foot back in that ring and address my fans. They were so gentle with me, and so gracious, and just sent so much love.”

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“I just wanted everyone to know — and I was so nervous last night. I don’t even get nervous. I’m fine right now. I’ve main-evented WrestleMania and it’s all good. Last night, because it was so close to the vest, the perfectionist came out in me. But everybody was so great. The love through this whole process, the support is what was really overwhelming. To be able to feel that from the whole world — all the prayers — was a blessing.”

“We connect easily with the children. We’re a PG product in WWE so the families kind of drive the business. WE’re striving to be role models so you start with the youth. Sometimes children are the most resilient warriors in the world. We do so many different charitable causes that I’ve been able to see and visit with some of these kids that are in the big fight, within the pediatric hospitals. Any time that we can give back to them, and share their story, I think that’s very important.”

It was also mentioned that this was not the first time Reigns has battled Leukemia, and the Big Dog briefly discussed the differences between battling the disease at a young 22-years-old, and battling it again as a worldwide star.

“The first time it felt like I was on an island by myself. This time I just felt like I was surrounded by guardian angels. The terror and the fears that I felt were quickly elevated as soon as I felt that outreach of all my fans, and everyone — whether they knew who I was or were indifferent to me — they all rallied behind me.”

Now that he has been cleared and will apparently be returning to the ring soon, Reigns spoke on where he wants to go next and the things he needs to accomplish in giving back to the fans who supported him; in particular the young fans currently struggling through their own battles with cancer.

He noted that WWE is “in the process of creating funds and foundations” to support pediatric cancer.

“I have the opportunity to create awareness. I have a huge platform within the WWE. We’re a global brand, we’re all over the world, so I think every night that I’m able to step into that ring it’s a symbol of hope and awareness. We’re not just going to talk about it. We’re in the process of creating funds and foundations to help. We want to make people aware, but we also want to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Make some moves!”

You can see the full segment from the show below: