Updated Betting Odds for WWE's Money in the Bank PPV

Updated Betting Odds for WWE's Money in the Bank PPV

Thanks to betwrestling.com for sending this in:

While it doesn’t appear that the smart money has come in for tonight’s Money in the Bank as of press time, the odds have moved significantly. For days the Usos vs New Day match was an even bet with no favorite but now the Usos are favored to retain at -185 but these odds are the closest call of the entire card. The New Day are +145 so a $100 bet would win 4145 with them being the underdogs.

Baron Corbin is favored to win the MitB match, as he has been all along with odds of -350 so anything other than Corbin capturing the briefcase would be considered an upset. The competitor with the next best chances would be Shinsuke Nakamura, with odds of +500. In the Women’s MitB Carmella’s odds have increased with her now at -265 after being the favorite all along. Charlotte has the next best chances at +400.

Jinder Mahal has the most favorable odds on the card at -900. Orton winning in his hometown would be the greatest upset that could happen tonight. Naomi is favored to successfully retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship at -270.

The smart money may still come in, sometimes this happens immediately before the event and often they don’t happen at all. Worth mentioning is that the smart odds were 100% correct in their projections at Extreme Rules earlier this month.

WWE Money in the Bank Match
Baron Corbin -350
Sami Zayn +1200
Kevin Owens +2200
AJ Styles +1300
Shinsuke Nakamura +500
Dolph Ziggler +5000

WWE Women’s Money in the Bank Match
Carmella -265
Becky Lynch +1050
Natalya +750
Charlotte Flair +400
Tamina +6000

WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal(c) -900 vs Randy Orton +500

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Naomi(c) -270 vs Lana +190

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Usos(c) -185 vs The New Day +145