TNA President Dixie Carter Lets Loose, Too Cold Scorpio, Leticia Cline's TNA Status

TNA President Dixie Carter Lets Loose, Too Cold Scorpio, Leticia Cline's TNA Status

sources: Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— TNA President Dixie Carter let her hair down at the Spike TV party thrown in celebration of the first two-hour Impact taping last month. She partied with the wrestlers, and eye-witnesses say, “navel shots” were being done between her and various wrestlers. Many thought her behavior was unbecoming of the TNA President, but others thought it showed that she wasn’t too uptight and that she was willing to let loose around the wrestlers.

— TNA is talking with former WWE/WCW/ECW star Too Cold Scorpio about coming in. They wanted him at Sunday’s pay-per-view as Killings’ tag team partner replacement for Adam “Pacman” Jones, but he couldn’t make the show because he was already booked at an indy show in Michigan on the very same night. He took on Ultimo Dragon in a losing effort.

— In August, TNA brought in Crystal Louthan to temporarily take over Leticia Cline’s backstage announcing duties because Leticia had to go on a brief hiatus to attend to some non-wrestling related ventures she is involved with. However, Crystal has done such a great job in her role that Leticia was then considered to be all but gone from TNA. As luck would have it, Leticia recently made the cover of Playboy’s Girls Next Door issue and that was a reprieve for TNA to keep her on the payroll at least a little while longer. In the meantime, they’re trying to figure out a new role for Leticia because they’re more than likely not going to have three backstage announcers and she appears to be the odd one out.

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