TNA Knockouts Explain Their Recent Departure From The Company

TNA Knockouts Explain Their Recent Departure From The Company

TNA Knockouts Hannah and Holly Blossom recently posted the following message on their official Facebook page regarding their departure from TNA and OVW:

“Hey Guys,

As of late we have been getting a lot of questions about the impact tour, TNA and OVW, etc, and we absolutely LOVE you guys for it! However, as of right now we are no longer with either TNA or OVW. We are actually taking a little break from wrestling. After 9 years and with lots of new and exciting things that took place in both our lives last year, it’s just time for us to take a break! But we just wanted to tell you guys how much your support especially these past 2 years with TNA and Boot camp has meant to us. It’s been incredibly touching. We appreciate the tweets, the messages, the t-shirts, and the posters. You truly kick ass, all of you and we couldn’t be more grateful! TNA have been fantastic and incredibly understanding of where we are at right now. They gave us the most wonderful of opportunities with British Boot camp, the One Night Only ppv’s and Impact TV. For us, the two shy little girls who dreamed of being wrestlers at 12 years old, we have achieved more than we could ever have imagined! We are beyond thankful for all those opportunities and that that door is still open! Thank you TNA for making some of our biggest dreams come true!!

As most of you will know, OVW has been our home for the past 4 years. We would be here all day if we went into detail about all that place has given us. So many amazing memories, learning experiences and growing up both personally and professionally. Our most favorite thing about OVW was training with Rip Rogers. We loved being at his training classes with the boys learning and taking everything in, Rip is simply awesome! When we first arrived he scared the crap out of us but we loved to wrestle and felt so good after his sessions. Being those two shy little girls (we know we were 21 by this point but very shy and little still applied. ) Rips unique personality and training certainly took some getting used to but It was wrestling after all and we just wanted to do it, we never quit or ran away. Some of those training sessions with those guys, pushing ourselves and completely stepping out of our comfort zones were the most fun and intense ever. Looking back, they helped shape the people we are today, they bought us out of our shells, gave us confidence and often made us realize the strength we had inside us that we didn’t know we had, along with a will and drive to succeed. So thank you Rip and all the boys for all those invaluable lessons and thank you Danny Davis for inviting us back and believing in us 5 years ago! We love you all so much!

When we started wrestling we did it because we loved to wrestle, simply put. To this day wrestling, being in the ring, physically running drills and doing whatever Rip screams or calls out, is what we love to do. We never thought about proving to people we could do it or showing that girls could wrestle, we just wrestled. That is how we liked it and we are more than thankful for the road that followed!

Coming over to America we never could have imagined all the amazing things we have got to experience or that here is where we would find our husbands. We feel incredibly blessed and lucky for where our journey has taken us so far. Through all these adventures we have developed quite the list of dreams and goals big and small that we would like to pursue. If you would like to stick around to see what the next chapter in The Blossom Twins story is, please do! We love you guys and appreciate all that you are to us!

Thank you again to everyone, trainers, wrestlers, promoters back home in the UK, Futureshock wrestling, the Futureshock gang, OVW, TNA, you the fans for making this part of our story so far, so Totally Awesome!!

Bring on 2014!”

Keep up with the Blossom Twins via their official Facebook page.

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