Steve Austin Comments On If Edge’s Return Makes Him Want To Wrestle

Steve Austin Comments On If Edge’s Return Makes Him Want To Wrestle

After Edge made his return from what many thought was a career-ending injury, Steve Austin discussed whether or not it has made him want to return.

The WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about the Royal Rumble PPV in general, which he found to be a “good night at the office” for WWE.

“I enjoyed the Royal Rumble, the entire pay-per-view and I love talking about these things.” Austin explained, “I thought it was a good night at the office. I thought we nitpicked some of the matches, but overall I think pretty much everyone had a good night. Like, I said, I enjoyed some of those matches more than other people did. I enjoyed both Rumbles and people say there were opportunities missed, this, that, or whatever. Yeah, there [are]always going to be missed opportunities from each subjective standpoint of the individual. But it was what it was. It was written the way it was written.”

Steve Austin then spoke about the Rated-R Superstar making his surprise return and how happy he was to see him wrestling again.

“Oh man, it’s great to see Edge back, and, man, when they hit his music and he came out, man, he blew the roof off the place,” Austin recalled. “That was the loudest pop of the night. Yeah, just an explosion. People were excited to see Edge back. And you could really see emotion on his face. He was thrilled to be back and he was thrilled to blow the roof off that place. When you’ve been gone for so long and then you come back, and then, people aren’t expecting you, and they blow you away with that, it’s immediate appreciation and it’s a real confidence booster.”

Austin continued, “it was very exciting and I wish him the best. I hope that neck holds up for him. It will be interesting to see stylistically what he’ll change. It seems like he was leading with the shoulder a little more with the spears kind of protecting himself. And he was taking some good bumps as well.”

Austin then spoke about whether or not the return of Edge had him interested in making a comeback himself.

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“No, whatever Edge is doing has nothing to do with me,” Austin laughed. “I’m done. I’ve already said I’m done. And I wish that dude all the luck in the world. When I see a guy whose had a similar kind of neck situation as I had or just neck surgery in general, and to leave the [pro wrestling]business when he did 9 years ago and then come back, I think I’m like, ‘man, okay, be careful out there!’”

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