Rosemary Interview: WWE Evolution, Impact Wrestling, Halloween, more

Rosemary Interview: WWE Evolution, Impact Wrestling, Halloween, more

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV for sending this in:

Hope you’re doing great! I wanted to pass along the interview I did with Rosemary (who stayed in character the whole time) at a meet and greet put on by That Wrestling Club in Winter Park, FL. I think your readers would love to see this!

She talked about her thoughts on Ronda Rousey, how the TNA Knockouts started the women’s revolution, the WWE Evolution Pay Per View, what scares her, why she hates Halloween and much more.

I put some of her soundbites below and you can watch the entire interview here:

Her thoughts on WWE Evolution:
“It’s absolutely wonderful to see more and more opportunities that these female warriors acquire. It’s growth. There’s nothing more natural than evolution and we are of course an advocate of nature. It’s wonderful to see these opportunities in every step towards another one and another one and another one. It doesn’t matter what companies or what divides or who works where, it is all empowering these female warriors.”

On Ronda Rousey:
“She’s doing well thus far but could that be because she introduced an element of the unknown? Won’t it be interesting when the other girls start learning her tactics, learning her ways, learning her weaknesses. A true warrior studies their opponent and it’s only a matter of time before someone find that kink in her armor.”

On Impact Wrestling starting the women’s revolution:
“There have been female warriors for countless years, we just have not had the spotlight that we are receiving now. So the opportunity is there and they are taking it and running with it and showing that they always did deserve it all along. This is one of the reason we wanted to take our special brand of particular violence and chaos to Impact because we knew that there was history there. We knew that there were certain people that had come before such as Daffney and Roxxi Laveaux that had a certain brand of dark violence and we knew that ours would fit there as well.”

Why she doesn’t like Halloween:
“Oh it’s quite something different in the Shadow Realm, we assure you. There’s far too much candy and sugar and falsities and quite frankly lies here in the mortal realm. You’ve lost your way. It used to be about spirits and demons and our world and now it’s about sugar and pumpkin flavored energy potions.”

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