Roman Reigns On Possibly Retiring The Undertaker, If He Enjoys Being the New ‘Face’ of WWE, His Best Rivalry

Roman Reigns On Possibly Retiring The Undertaker, If He Enjoys Being the New ‘Face’ of WWE, His Best Rivalry

WWE IC Champion Roman Reigns recently spoke with The Times of India while WWE was on tour overseas, and below are some interview highlights:

You’ve become one the biggest names in sports entertainment in the past couple of years. Many say the next Rock or John Cena. Do you enjoy that responsibility of being the face of the company?

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“Absolutely. It’s a great responsibility. It’s a lot. But for me, I never look at it being the next anybody. I just want to be the first Roman Reigns. It’s flattering and you’re in good company when you’re being compared to people like John Cena or Dwayne Johnson but all I can be is me. All I can be is Roman Reigns. That’s all I want to be and as long as that’s good enough for me, I’ll love and respect myself enough to be happy and satisfied with that and hopefully people enjoy what we’re doing. It’s not only about me; it’s a full locker room of guys and girls and we all come together and it’s one of the closest teams I’ve ever been on. It’s cool to carry the torch but there is a big team that runs with me.”

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How did it feel defeating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania… being part of potentially his last match?

“It was a lot heavier. You know they teach you this business and prepare you in a lot of different ways. But they don’t ever teach you to handle those types of situations; the magnitude of retiring The Undertaker. So for me it was very heavy. Everything felt very smooth and good going into. But once we got through the gage, it was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be and I’m excited that it was. I’m very proud and honoured to be part of his career. To possibly be the last chapter of his book, I’m extremely proud. Just very great that I got to work with him, learn from him. Especially for this new generation because there’s not many of us that who can say we did that so it’s cool to be in that group.”

Which has been your best rivalry and why?

“I believe I and Braun Strowman made for a great rivalry. The chemistry and the stories that we were able to tell were captivating. What I like most about it is that since we’re both younger talents, it was really a need for me to be able to help him and throw some of the experience that I’ve gained to put him on the fast track. And I think it’s definitely helped. From being a Wyatt to being a main-eventer, he’s been a featured guy and a scary dude. If I can just continue to do that with any young talent that I can get in the ring with then my career would be a success.”