Report: Brian Cage Signs With AEW, Pulled From Impact PPV Due To Injury?

Report: Brian Cage Signs With AEW, Pulled From Impact PPV Due To Injury?

There are multiple reports currently circulating regarding former Impact World Champion Brian Cage, who didn’t quite compete against Rob Van Dam as advertised at Sunday night’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view in Texas.

In a confusing moment, both stars came to the ring for their scheduled singles match, but after a distraction from Van Dam’s girlfriend Katie Forbes, the two had a short brawl that ended with Cage taking a coast-to-coast Vanterminator in which a steel chair smashed his face and drew a significant amount of blood.

The confusion came because the bell for the match had technically rung signaling the start of the contest. However, when Cage was taken to the back by officials there was no closing bell, and moments later Daga came out for an impromptu match against Van Dam, prompting yet another opening bell. There was no explanation at the time either in the arena, or from commentary clarifying what was happening.

Click Here: nsw blues rugby store reported that Cage was pulled from the match due to suffering a torn bicep. However, and it should be stressed that these two reports are certainly not mutually exclusive, Steve Bryant of (no affiliation with the faction) has spoken to multiple sources claiming that Cage has signed a multi-year contract with All Elite Wrestling.

For what it’s worth, Cage’s wife Melissa Santos took to Twitter denying the later report, stating that he “hasn’t signed on any dotted line” as of yet.

Really?? How can you confirm something that isn't true???? I'm his wife and I can CONFIRM, he hasn't signed on any dotted line. @socaluncensored

— Melissa Santos (@ThisIsMelSantos) January 13, 2020