Raw Superstar Suffers Injury This Afternoon, Sim Snuka Resurfaces, Hardys Diary

Raw Superstar Suffers Injury This Afternoon, Sim Snuka Resurfaces, Hardys Diary

— Dolph Ziggler suffered an apparent injury during his match this afternoon against Sim Snuka (making his first WWE appearance since the January 12, 2009 episode of Raw) at the WrestleMania Axxess event. The former Spirit Squad member suffered the injury during his match with the second generation wrestler, resulting in the referee putting up the “X” signal. Ziggler was seen clutching his shoulder and it believed that he may have broken his collarbone. Here is more on the story, courtesy of his official website, www.NickNemeth.net:

Day Three (Day of WrestleMania): Dolph Ziggler competed in another singles match, this time against Snuka. While Ziggler may have picked up the victory, it wasn’t without an unfortunate circumstance. After the match, Ziggler was escorted towards the back while being looked at by WWE Agents. Ziggler was said to be in excruciating pain, to the point of tears, as he clutched his right shoulder. When asked by fans what had happened, Snuka replied by saying he believes Ziggler may have broken his collarbone during the match.

Ziggler was expected to be one of the many Lumberjacks during the WrestleMania Tag Team bout between The Miz & John Morrison versus Carlito & Primo Colon. It is questionable whether or not Ziggler will make his WrestleMania debut tonight.

— WWE.com has an ongoing diary from Matt and Jeff Hardy as each sibling reveals what he is doing and thinking leading up to their Extreme Rules Match at WrestleMania tonight. For the latest from the two brothers, click here.

— Bryan Danielson was in attendance at last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. He was seated beside William Regal, who invited him as his guest.

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