On the 220 forum last week – a round-up

On the 220 forum last week – a round-up

The weekend’s nearly here and that means one thing – training time! Our readers have been asking for help on dealing with coughing fits in the swim, what the best TT bikes are for under £1,000 and more…


“I have been swimming since last August and have taken in my fair share of water when swimming, as I am sure many others have.  However last week for the first time I thought that I had inhaled some water as I had a choking fit and seriously thought this was it. I couldn’t get my breath and had to be slapped on the back and then given the bear hug. I eventually got my breathing under control but it was pretty scary.

“I have looked on the web to see what is happening as I can’t be doing with this every week, as its very frightening and draining, both mentally and physically.  From what I can find it sounds like laryngospasm, where the larynse goes into spasm and closes up and it can last for up to 60 seconds. I am just wondering if anyone else has experience this whilst swimming and how they control it.  I am booked into a few open water triathlons this year and am really worried if I get a spasm whist in open water.” Lisa G 

“Garmin 920XT for sale – only used a few times, have bought a Fenix 3 instead to replace it. Fully boxed with all manual and accessories Include HRM Run chest strap to provide running metrics £320 posted. Thanks.” Chris Howe 

“We have booked a holiday in Mexico in November and I discovered that the Xel-Ha triathlon Maybe on whilst I’m there. Has anyone done this one and if so what advice can you give me?” A J 

“I have bought the Cannondale Caad 8.  I am yet to ride it out owing to looking after my children (priorities I suppose!) so am yet to do a decent ride! I had been told prior to purchase about the possibility of turning the seatpost round, but then forgot about this during the fitting of the bike.  I will be asking when it goes back for it’s service however in the meantime was wondering what the opinions were.  My bike has aerobars on. Thanks!” Meachley

“I’ve got some cool looking Sunwise polycarbonates but they condense up due to the corrective insert. There must be other myopics out there. What do you use? Same goes for goggles – wasn’t concerned in the pool but as I want to get into open water, I’d prefer to see where I was going. Any advice gratefully received!” Laparotastic

“I have decided to take the plunge and buy my first TT bike for Windsor triathlon this year. With a maximum budget of £1000 I would really love any help in deciding which bike is best for my money.” Rob Browne


“Do you guy’s and Gal’s wear socks when you bike and run or do you go sockless, I am going to do my first triathlon in May and I see lots of people going sockless but I think I will be more comfortable if  take a minute to dry my feet and put some socks on and if I am more comfortable then I believe I will be quicker on the bike and run leg of the race.” ianw2462

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