NWA Extra Power results: The Pope vs. Tyrus TV title match

NWA Extra Power results: The Pope vs. Tyrus TV title match

World Champion Nick Aldis opened this extra episode of Power that dropped Friday night, taking credit for bringing this unscheduled edition to the fans. He announced the matches and segments before the show open ran.

World Champion Nick Aldis (w/ Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis) defeated Odinson (w/ Parrow) in an exhibition match

Aldis started with a cheap shot by throwing his jacket at Odinson and attacking him before the bell rang. Aldis promised Odinson would get zero offense and then, Odinson hit a suplex. Joe Galli was arguing with Dr. Stinson, an announcer that Aldis brought in, which actually hurt the match. Aldis lowbridged Odinson and he crashed to the floor which helped Aldis regain the advantage.

Odinson got to his feet and hit a European uppercut. He followed it up with a corkscrew European uppercut which Dr. Stinson called it an illegal move, so he has zero credibility. Again, he really didn’t help the match. Latimer put Aldis’ foot on the ropes and Parrow attacked both he and Adonis. The referee sent all three to the back, making it one-on-one.

Odinson picked Aldis up in a fireman’s carry, but the champion slipped out and went for the Texas cloverleaf which Odinson fought out of. Aldis dodged a corner charge and Odinson hit the corner post. Aldis then hit him with a flying elbow drop before locking on the Texas cloverleaf for the submission.

This was a fun match, but the announcers arguing took away from it and the interference really didn’t help matters much. Still, it was a solid showing but could have been presented significantly better.

Tim Storm defeated Jordan Clearwater (w/ BLK Jeez)

Storm and Clearwater shook hands before the match and the fans cheered Storm. He took the early portion of the match with his size, moving Clearwater around the ring with ease. Storm hit a big boot and a neckbreaker for a two count. Clearwater hit some chops, but Storm no sold them and hit a few of his own.

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Clearwater fired back with some forearms and hit a dropkick that took Storm down. Clearwater hit a jawbreaker and a few splashes in the corner, followed by a neck snap for a two count. Storm caught Clearwater doing a crossbody and hit a fallaway slam. Clearwater was able to come back with a neckbreaker and went for the Golden Boot, but Storm countered into the perfect storm for the win.

This was a solid little match here from Storm and Clearwater as the latter definitely has a lot of potential. I will be glad when they start to give him a push as he’s a really talented guy. Storm shook Clearwater’s hand after the match and the crowd gave him polite applause.

— Women’s Champion Kamille and Thom Latimer were with May Valentine. They talked about how Kamille won the women’s title but Latimer was not a tag team champion like he thought he was going to be. He complained about Kratos cheating and was angry that Aron Stevens let it happen. They talked about Billy Corgan being a guest at their wedding and they rolled their eyes. They realized that Corgan was going to see this segment and they quickly fake sucked up to him, but said Corgan has a conspiracy against them.

— Austin Idol and Velvet Sky were sitting backstage to discuss the upcoming Champions Series finals. Sky was very annoying here. She referenced that she was going to come out of retirement and Idol called her on it. She said, “Never say never” if she had a title shot. Idol was right and then said that if they won the Series, they were going to win the title. Idol was great here.

— Pope cut a promo about how he has been TV Champ for so long and that if he wins tonight, he is going to cash in his Lucky 7 and challenge Aldis for the World title. Tonight, he requested Tyrus to settle their grudge with a no time limit match.

The idea of Tyrus wrestling under no time limit makes me very scared.

Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol) defeated The Pope for the NWA TV title

Sky was claiming Tyrus was playing mind games by walking around the ring slowly. I think it’s because he can’t move any faster. Pope started fast, attacking the legs with kicks. Pope dropkicked the knee and actually got Tyrus to take a face-first bump. Pope continued to work over the leg to the delight of the crowd.

Pope hit a clothesline off the top rope. Tyrus was gassed already and all he had done was lay on the mat with Pope attacking his leg. Pope locked on the figure four and grabbed the ropes to punish Tyrus more, but the ref didn’t catch it. Idol freaked out because this was his finisher.

Tyrus made the ropes and Pope broke the hold. Pope hit two big splashes in the corner, but Tyrus headbutted him and threw him into the ringpost when he attempted a third. Idol shoved Pope into the post a few times when the ref wasn’t looking. Tyrus suplexed Pope across the ring and slowly climbed the top rope and missed… something? An elbow? He botched it and landed hard on his knee which looked like it could have actually caused some damage.

Pope hit several strikes and a kick for a near fall before locking on a sleeper hold. Pope hit the Elijah Express, but the referee was in the way and he went down. Idol came into the ring and Pope sent him out of the ring with an elbow. Tyrus crushed Pope in the corner followed by the heart punch to pin Pope for the title.

This match sucked. Tyrus should not be wrestling with the shape he is in (not to mention being unable to bump well) where he’s a danger to himself. I have no idea what they insist on using him when there are so many better big men available like Kratos and Jax Dane.

Tyrus cut an exhausted promo about how it was only a matter of time. Jordan Clearwater and BLK Jeez came out to congratulate him as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t get it. Why beat Pope like this right now? Anyone could have been a better choice, but to go with Tyrus when he clearly can’t work and is a danger to himself in the ring? I don’t get it. Well, we have a new TV champion. I am not impressed.