New international team tri competition launched

New international team tri competition launched

In a new international competition teams of 12 professional long-distance triathletes (six men and six women) from the USA, Europe and the rest of the world (dubbed the ‘Internationals’) will compete against each other.

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There will be 12 separate race matches, with an athlete from each team in each, and the races will be staggered 10 minutes apart. Athletes will be awarded points on their performances in their respective race match and the team with the most overall points from the 12 races will be crowned the victors.  

The Collins Cup–How It Works

It has been called The Collins Cup in honour of John and Judy Collins, who founded Ironman in Hawaii when they issued a challenge to see who the toughest athletes were: swimmers, bikers, or runners, in 1978. 

John and Judy Collins said: “It is quite incredible really. It is hard for us to believe that our endurance event, which started in Hawaii in the 1970s, with only 15 participants, has now inspired a global spectacle with professional teams from the USA, Europe and the Internationals competing for a trophy named after us.

“We are humbled and want to thank the Professional Triathletes Organisation for honouring us in this way.

The race is modelled on golf’s Ryder Cup and will be run by The Professional Triathletes Organisation.

Rich Allen, Executive Director of the PTO, said: “We are very pleased to be able to announce The Collins Cup to celebrate the sport of triathlon and honour John and Judy Collins, who 40 years ago were instrumental in founding the sport we love so much.”


It is expected the inaugural Collins Cup will be held in June 2018.