Natalya On WWE Divas Getting More Exposure, Divas Revolution & More

Natalya On WWE Divas Getting More Exposure, Divas Revolution & More

The following are highlights of a new Newsday interview with WWE Diva and Total Divas star Natalya:

On WWE Divas getting more exposure these days: “It’s very very cool to see the girls get some serious recognition. Because for most of my WWE career I think when people think of Nattie, they think Nattie kind of embodies women’s wrestling. For me, I was never a model. I was a wrestler. I wrestled in Japan, I wrestled for my family, I’ve done jiujitsu and martial arts — I wouldn’t say I was ever involved in MMA, but I did train in Brazilian jiujitsu and just tried to make myself as well-rounded as possible so I could be as best as I could be in the ring. So to see the Divas actually getting a chance, it’s great.”

On watching the current Divas Revolution storyline from backstage: “Watching the girls, in some ways it’s a little bittersweet because I watch them and I’m so proud of them and so excited for them and I would love to get back in the ring with the Bellas and get in there with Charlotte and Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch and some of the new blood. But with WWE, you have to just let the world unfold and everything happens for a reason and we tell stories. So maybe they’re saving the best for last.”

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