Matt Hardy Blogs About Christian's WWE Return

Matt Hardy Blogs About Christian's WWE Return


Matt Hardy has updated his WWE Universe Blog with some interesting comments about Christian’s return to WWE.

“Speaking of Christian, we have a very long and storied history together. Christian was a recipient of my star-making abilities back in the first ever tag team ladder match. Christian was also smart not to stick his nose into my business with Jeff. I could see how he would be tempted to upon resigning with the WWE, but fortunately he was smarter than that. It’s also funny how alot (sic) of the “internet journalist” and “internet fans” thought Christian might be somehow associated with me and my master plan. Nope. Never has been. There’s never been any changes in my plans, there’s never been a “B” plan, and Christian hasn’t ever been factored in at any time.”

Despite what Matt Hardy says here, several reliable sources have confirmed that there were in fact plans to reveal Christian as Jeff Hardy’s mystery attacker. Many believe WWE creative was told to change direction on Christian’s return when news of his possible involvement in the Jeff Hardy attacker storyline leaked online and fans began chanting for Christian during Jeff Hardy matches and segments at live events.

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