Lucha Underground Premieres Tonight On El Rey Network

Lucha Underground Premieres Tonight On El Rey Network

Lucha Underground brings to America the high-flying acrobatics, extreme athleticism and ancient tradition of one of Mexico’s most popular sports. From Executive Producer Mark Burnett and Robert Rodriguez, This is Lucha Underground. Premieres Wed 10/29 at 8pm ET/PT, on El Rey Network.

Tonight marks the highly anticipated series premiere of Lucha Underground.

The 39-episode 6-month series kicks off tonight on the El Rey Network and will feature top stars Prince Puma (Ricochet), Johnny Mundo (John Morrison), Chavo Guerrero, Blue Demon, Big Ryck (Ezekiel Jackson), and Catrina (formerly WWE Diva Maxine) and , authority figure Dario Cueto.

Executive producer Mark Burnett says the American audience “has never seen wrestling like ‘Lucha Underground’ before.”

“People like the combination of competition with great stories and when there are winners and losers, it really drives audiences,” Burnett said. “When you see those giant sporting events, be it the Olympics or the World Cup, it’s the backstories of the athletes that people like. In ‘Lucha Underground’ there are amazing, authentic stories. We have an athletic wrestling competition that has greater production values than any wrestling you’ve seen. I think the athleticism of our Luchadores is going to completely surprise the audience. They have seen wrestling before and other kinds of contact sports but this is just different. This is going to take America by storm.”

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