Kurt Angle Confirms He Is Staying With TNA

Kurt Angle Confirms He Is Staying With TNA

Wrestling legend Kurt Angle has revealed to Vince Russo that he will be staying with TNA Impact Wrestling for the final year of his in-ring career.

Angle appeared on Russo’s podcast “The Swerve” over the weekend and spoke about a number of topics, including CM Punk’s podcast, working with Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter and more. After the interview, Russo said he received a direct message on Twitter from Angle, who told him to break the news about his in-ring future.

“Kurt basically tweeted me back today and he said, ‘Vince, it’s still unofficial, but I have no problem telling you or you announcing or you saying on your show that I’m going to go back to work for TNA,'” Russo said.

Angle was featured prominently on TNA’s promotional material for Impact’s move to Destination America next month. He had teased the possibility of “going home” and finishing out his career in WWE, but it the Olympic gold medalist will retire a TNA Superstar.

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