Kenny King On His ‘Bachelorette’ vs Wrestling Fanbase, Talents No Longer Having to Go to WWE to Make a Living

Kenny King On His ‘Bachelorette’ vs Wrestling Fanbase, Talents No Longer Having to Go to WWE to Make a Living

ROH star Kenny King spoke with TV Insider ahead of ROH Best in the World this weekend, and below are some interview highlights:

On his “The Bachelorette” fanbase vs his pro wrestling fanbase:

“They are every bit as rabid and engaged as the pro wrestling fan base,” King said, gearing up for a big match at ROH’s Best in the World on June 29.

“People still come up to me in airports and talk to me like they know me. I’ll be out sometimes, and the rare times I’ll be at a night club someone will ask, ‘How is your daughter? Where is your daughter?’

“It’s an interesting experience versus wrestling, where you meet the fans and they know your body of work or character. With something like The Bachelorette, fans know me and know about me. That’s the difference, but the fan base is every bit as engaged, interactive, as wrestling fans.”

On talents having options when making career choices in wrestling today:

“Guys can go and make a living in so many different places,” he said. “I think it’s a beautiful thing … It’s not, ‘I have to go to WWE. I have to go to WCW.’ There are a lot of different places, and this resurgence is even on the indie level. That is what is kind of boosting popularity in wrestling all around. When you are looking at the independents of pro wrestling, looking at the roots and heart of pro wrestling.

“Guys who are doing it and getting better because they love to do it. With social media, internet, where you can see an up-and-coming guy from Tennessee or from Vegas or Florida. You could tape trade back in the day. That’s how you found out about an AJ Styles or an Amazing Red. Now you can find it so easy. That is what is making wrestling popular again. It’s a wonderful thing.”

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TV Insider

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