Jim Ross On Taker's Physical Condition, Lesnar/Gay Character Rumors

Jim Ross On Taker's Physical Condition, Lesnar/Gay Character Rumors

The following are highlights of a new Jim Ross Q&A update:

On Kevin Owens and his push: “I’m not worried about Kevin Owens “push” in the least. He’s too talented to not be successful if he continues to perform as he has. Fans need to display some patience on matters such as this.”

On The Undertaker’s physical status in 2015: “Taker seems to be healthier than he has in a long time. He’s months past his last surgery to repair lingering damage. Plus, he’s a stud.”

On the possibility of a Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens “Iron Man” match at SummerSlam since it’s a four-hour show: “That would be nice but for some reason I don’t think that they will give those two 30 minutes of bell to bell time.”

On getting UFC’s Daniel Cormier on his podcast and why WWE doesn’t run TV at MSG: “Steve Austin interviewed DC today in San Jose so he will be on SCSA’s podcast soon. Good dude is Daniel Cormier. WWE loses money doing TV from MSG even with a sellout. Union costs are killers.”

On what has happened to Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel: “It’s simply how they are cast/booked on an entertainment TV program. Apparently it is thought that this is how both men can best contribute to the WWE.”

On the news that WWE writers once pitched a gay character storyline for Brock Lesnar in 2002 (which was later confirmed by a former WWE writer): “Another ridiculous tale from the IWC. That one is truly absurd.”

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