Jim Ross Blog: Thoughts On CM Punk Situation, Fans Hijacking WWE Shows

Jim Ross Blog: Thoughts On CM Punk Situation, Fans Hijacking WWE Shows

The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On the current CM Punk situation: “I know no more than any other fan. I know that I do not condone anyone walking away from their job or commitment no matter the situation unless one is completely physically and/or mentally unable to perform. Perhaps that’s the case in Punk’s situation but I don’t know. My guess is there’s nothing regarding this problem that can’t be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction including the most important people of them all in this equation and that’s the fans. Punk worked his entire, adult life building his body of work and embracing a loyal, fan base and those fans deserve to be a part of this particular chapter ending with the approiate closure.”

“I remain steadfast that at the end of the day the amazingly talented Punk and the WWE belong together.”

“Just as Steve Austin said on a recent podcast @PodcastOne, don’t leave money laying on the table no matter how much cash one has saved.”

“Like most things in our lives, it’s all about communication.”

On fans “hijacking” recent WWE events: “Fans pay their money to come to WWE events and have fun. Yelling, chanting, etc is a part of that process. I still remain firm in my opinion that the loudest chants are reserved for televised evens where the participants feel that they can make a bigger impact and garner more attention. “Hijacking” isn’t so commonplace it seems at non televised, live events. Organic, meaningful chants are not problematic but random, attention seeking chants started by a vocal, defiant minority doesn’t work for me. Just my two cents.”

On “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd: “Really loved the Ernie Ladd video that aired this week on WWE programming. The Big Cat taught me so much about the fundamentals of the wrestling business while we were both working for Bill Watts in Mid South. Especially over those all night domino games in my hotel room after our TV meetings every other Tuesday night in Shreveport. Ernie taught me about psychology, in and out of the ring, how to better communicate with athletes, especially black athletes of that era, and life in general.”

Check out the complete blog online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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