Jim Ross Blog: RAW Thoughts, Austin Podcast With Heyman, Samoa Joe

Jim Ross Blog: RAW Thoughts, Austin Podcast With Heyman, Samoa Joe

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On the John Cena and Kevin Owens RAW promo segment: “Nice verbal interplay between Cena and Owens Monday night on RAW. I’d love to see this develop into a great rivalry but in order for it to happen the villain (Owens) will have to maintain the upper hand until the bottom of the ninth IE the blow off match. Not sure that will happen but I’m certainly interested in going along for the ride. Owens winning at Elimination Chamber was essential and made all the wrestling sense in the world.”

On the Stone Cold Podcast with Paul Heyman: “Enjoyed the Steve Austin-Paul Heyman post RAW edition of the Steve Austin Podcast on the WWE Network and was pleased that WWE extended their time approximately 12 minutes as the two could have easily delivered two, compelling hours of entertainment. It brought back old times when Heyman struck the mean dog with a sharp stick when asking @steveaustinBSR about facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania Texas in April of 2016. Great intensity by Austin who flipped the switch into promo mode while talking about the topic that the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) had to love. My Twitter timeline @JRsBBQ exploded as many fans reacted as if the match had been made and that Steve was firing the opening salvo of the verbal aspect of what would be a record setting main event.”

On Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar: “I’d give an educated guess that the odds of an Austin-Lesnar match being held at Wrestlemania Texas as less than 50-50 and likely closer to 65-35 that it won’t happen. I’d love to be wrong but as Austin said “the stars in the sky would all have to be aligned” for that to happen and I don’t see those stars as being fan friendly for the lack of a better expression.”

On Samoa Joe signing full-time contract with WWE: “If true, very strategic of WWE to sign @SamoaJoe to a full time contract with the organization. Joe can work with anyone on the roster in any environment and is a class act who’s a great pro and will be a positive influence to all that he comes in contact with in the locker room.”

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