Garmin HRM Tri and HRM Swim heart-rate monitors

Garmin HRM Tri and HRM Swim heart-rate monitors

Garmin have just launched the HRM Tri and HRM Swim, their first heart-rate monitors designed for use underwater.


Starting with the HRM Tri, it’s the company’s smallest and lightest heart-rate monitor and sports a slimmer, black band as opposed to the HRM Swim’s slightly bulkier blue belt, which kind of resembles a boxing/WWE title belt.

Garmin’s new HRM Tri

Both models store HRM data when swimming then transfer it to a connected compatible device after the swim. They can also send real-time heart rate and interval summaries when the monitor and compatible watch are out of the water.

Featuring an adjustable strap, 20 hours of data storage and a rather impressive 10-month battery life, users will be able to analyse their heartbeat in depth through Garmin Connect or their smartphone. As always, Garmin Connect will enable users to plan, save and share their workouts online – perfect for those of you that like to show off.

Garmin’s HRM Swim, built for the pool

The HRM Swim is the thicker blue belt, which has been purpose-built for the pool, rather than the Tri which is more accustomed to open water. Why you ask? Well the HRM is denser which will stop the band from sliding down when athletes push of the pool walls.

The products come after Garmin successfully launched the Forerunner 920XT multisport watch last autumn, which we reviewed here. The company believes that their latest products offer more comprehensive data to help triathletes achieve their goal. 

Pricing is £99.99 for the HRM Tri and £79.99 for the HRM Swim from


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