Fashion labels from Belarus and Moldova present themselves online

Fashion labels from Belarus and Moldova present themselves online

CBI and ITC’s Ready to Trade project supports various Eastern European fashion labels. The labels receive coaching, advice and training, allowing them to introduce their clothing to the European market. Online Sales and Marketing is now proving to be an increasingly important topic within this process. It’s important for companies to have a good online presence, in order to provide both local and EU customers with an optimal service. CBI has set up a coaching programme for this purpose, within which experts Patrick & Sarai Mans provide the companies with advice regarding their website, social media and webshops. Three successful examples are Nelva and Vesnaletto from Belarus and Julia Allert from Moldova. The three brands all produce women’s clothing, each with their own unique style.


is a clothing brand which was founded in Belarus back in 1998. Nelva has experienced significant growth since that time and now boasts more than 120 shops in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Nelva is a brand which aims to exude a successful business woman’s style. The brand offers premium style and top quality clothing at an affordable price, making sure every single woman can wear Nelva clothing. Its mission is to produce clothing which every self-aware business woman will enjoy wearing.

Nelva changed its website whilst participating with the online sales & marketing project, allowing them to inform their customers both in English and in Russian. The English option has been added to appeal to and attract European customers, as Nelva has identified exports to the EU as a potential growth market. The brand also has a popular Instagram account with almost 60,000 followers. They regularly post photographs and videos on this account, resulting in a large number of likes. Nelva also creates stories and IGTV’s to keep things interesting for the public. According to Sarai Man, one of the online sales & marketing project’s coaches, Nelva makes effective use of its different platforms to allow the brand to stand out and be noticed.


is a fashion company located in Belarus and founded in 2006. The company’s aim is to make every woman feel beautiful and loved in any situation. Irrespective of whether this is at work, during a business meeting or whilst enjoying a walk with loved ones or friends. The products can be described as modern and stylish clothing. Sarai Mans says: “Vesnaletto has created an excellent presentation of a strong brand, with good, visible examples of the clothing. An interesting fact is that the owner is actually the face of the brand. She has succeeded in creating a strong brand and, at the same time, a great brand image.”

The results of Vesnaletto’s participation with the online sales & marketing project are already visible when you look at their fantastic website. They have also added the option of viewing the website in English, which has certainly helped them to reach customers in the EU. A webshop has also been built into the website (although this is currently only active locally), where items can be ordered immediately. Vesnaletto has an active and successful Instagram account in addition to its website. They often post stories, IGTV’s and messages, which keep the public interested and ensure they continue coming back for more.

Julia Allert

is a women’s clothing brand located in Moldova. The company bears the name of its founder, Julia Allert. She is fully aware that buyers will go looking for clothing with a unique style, but that this clothing will also need to satisfy the market’s current requirements. Julia Allert has introduced unusual details in casual clothing. The brand boasts eclectic details, unorthodox shapes, extra layers and has incorporated geometric patterns into its evening dresses. Julia Allert’s clothing can be found in shops and boutiques from Prague to Istanbul.

The Julia Allert brand already has an attractive Instagram account which they make plenty of use of. The account regularly posts stories and messages, with a multitude of examples of the brand’s items and style. Julia Allert will be using the online sales & marketing project to work on website improvements, making sure the website will be better than ever before and accessible to EU customers and buyers too.

Ready to Trade

The Ready to Trade project is executed by CBI and ITC and financed by EU4Business, an initiative for SME’s in the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries.
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