Exit polls suggest Boris Johnson, conservatives headed to big victory

Exit polls suggest Boris Johnson, conservatives headed to big victory

Newly released exit polls suggest that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party are on their way to a major victory in the U.K. elections.

The survey conducted at 144 polling stations across the U.K. for the BBC, ITV and Sky News show the Conservative Party winning an expected 368 seats in Parliament — a gain of 50 seats.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party — led by prime minister hopeful Jeremy Corbyn — is predicted to win just 191 seats. It would be the first time since the 1930s that the party failed to win at least 200 seats, the BBC reported.


EXIT POLL: Conservatives projected to win election as Labour suffer major losses #GE2019
CON: 368
LAB: 191
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SNP: 55
OTHER: 22 pic.twitter.com/FkqseCrrnR

— Sky News Breaking (@SkyNewsBreak) December 12, 2019

In recent history, British exit polls have been very accurate. Back in 2017, they correctly predicted that there would be no winner and a hung Parliament. In 2015, polls correctly predicted that the Conservative Party would win the most seats.

If the polls are once again accurate, it means that the Conservative Party will hold a strong majority in Parliament and that Johnson will remain prime minister.

The result would also mean that Johnson would be able to fulfill his promise of finalizing Brexit and removing the U.K. from the European Union by Jan. 31.

Thursday marked Britain’s third general election in less than five years.