David Otunga Helps His Niece Secure Heart Transplant

David Otunga Helps His Niece Secure Heart Transplant

WWE broadcaster, David Otunga, has helped secure his niece a successful heart transplant after a difficult battle with illness. Otunga spoke to People.com about the process and below are some highlights of the interview.

Her illness:

“Her heart was basically giving out and shutting down, she’s been hospitalized pretty much continuously since then.”

On struggling to get a donor:

“We had to go on interviews for hospitals to meet the person, meet the potential candidate, and meet the family. They wanted to know what her life plans were. We got pretty offended. I remember one doctor was saying, he literally told her, ‘You’re really shy, and I would like to see you more animated.’ ”

Successful surgery:

“She was extremely nervous. She was excited but really, really scared, it was almost 24 hours and the heart was in. It was done, and we couldn’t believe it. It all turned out great. It turned out fantastic, we just feel so blessed, and we’re all just so happy.”

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