Changes Reportedly Taking Place Behind The Scenes At Ring Of Honor

Changes Reportedly Taking Place Behind The Scenes At Ring Of Honor

According to a report by, WWE wasn’t the only company having a shake-up this week, as Ring Of Honor is making some changes as well.

Those changes are all behind the scenes, with a shakeup taking place within the offices and backstage structure of the company. Firstly, Monster Factory’s, Danny Cage has been cut from Ring Of Honor, after he had a lot of ideas regarding ROH and Future Of Honor’s production which was met with heavy resistance.

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According to the report, Cage is still being paid by ROH and the company is still planning an event at Monster Factory, with Cage and Delirious being on good terms. Joey Mercury will be taking over Cage’s role.

Speaking of Mercury, the former WWE Superstar is reportedly gaining more power behind the scenes and was influential in getting Sons of Savagery signed by the company.

He and Bully Ray are gaining more creative input backstage, whilst Delirious’ input is decreasing. This has been clear with the signing of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love as well as Big Cass and Enzo.

The report went on to state that there was heat on some people who helped ALL IN become a reality, as Ring Of Honor basically taught their new competition and gave them a crash course.

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