Brown throws down Vegas boxing challenge to Wolff!

Brown throws down Vegas boxing challenge to Wolff!

McLaren boss Zak Brown says he’s ready to trade blows with gusto in the ring against his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff in Las Vegas, the glitzy boxing capital of the world.

Brown made the tongue-and-cheek suggestion last weekend in Australia to serve as a spicy lead-in event to Formula 1’s much anticipated race weekend in Sin City that will take place later this year in November.

However, Brown is also on for a team boss race against Wolff and Red Bull’s Christian Horner. It wouldn’t be the first on-track confrontation between the latter and the McLaren executive as the two men raced once against each other in another life in the British Formula 3 Championship. 

“We were talking about racing Christian in Silverstone, because I used to race against Christian,” Brown told Sky Sports in Melbourne. “And I’ve talked to Toto about it, we’ll see if he’s up for it.

“When we go Vegas, what’s Vegas known for? Little boxing match? I’m ready.”

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It’s unclear if a Brown-Wolff evening in Vegas – or ‘Slugger Brown’ VS ‘Terminator Toto’ as Sky Sports has called it – would live up to the hype and thrill of a Holyfield-Tyson big night at the MGM.

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But the fight would certainly add a new dimension to the competition between the two teams.

The question is whether Brown’s powerful and aggressive style would suffice to counter Wolff’s swift footwork and calculated punches.

We say, bring it on!