Big Show Talks About His Recent Work With The Special Olympics

Big Show Talks About His Recent Work With The Special Olympics

The following is an excerpt from a new blog with Big Show, where he talks about his work with the Special Olympics.

“Throughout my 20-year career in WWE, I’ve worked with an incredible group of athletes that travel the world, headline major events and have tens of thousands of fans cheer (and sometimes boo) them. Their charisma, athleticism, larger-than-life personalities and ability to connect with an audience is incredible. But as great as they are, none can compare to another group of athletes that I’ve been working with lately, whose boundless energy, passion and dedication to training cannot be matched. These athletes are the true superstars.

WWE has supported Special Olympics for decades. I recently got involved and was immediately drawn to and inspired by the Special Olympics athletes. Over the past two years, I have participated in the Opening Ceremonies for Special Olympics USA Games, attended the Special Olympics Connecticut Summer Games and made various appearances in support of local Special Olympics programs around the world. But no matter how much I could ever give, I get so much more in return from the athletes.

At every event, it is a joy to see their enthusiasm, courage, determination and sportsmanship as they are an inspiration to me and to all of the WWE Superstars and Divas. They motivate us to work harder and above all, to have fun while doing so. To be able to work with individuals who inspire everyone by their dedication and perseverance is an amazing testament to the human spirit. They have big dreams and I am honored to, in a small way, help those dreams become a reality.”

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