Al Snow To Main Event Mafia Plan Nixed, Two Stars Re-Sign With TNA, Dixie Carter

Al Snow To Main Event Mafia Plan Nixed, Two Stars Re-Sign With TNA, Dixie Carter

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— TNA had plans to continue using Al Snow, or rather, writer Vince Russo did, but they’ve been nixed. Russo was pushing to continue the Mick Foley vs. Al Snow feud at recent TVs, but Jeff Jarrett overruled him. Russo wanted Snow to join the Main Event Mafia, but Jarrett nixed the idea because he likes the exclusiveness of an all-world champion group. Also, TNA had plans for Trigg to join the Main Event Mafia because he has held titles in MMA, so he’d fit into the group, not to mention that he carries himself as a smug heel well. However, Trigg was unable to clear his schedule and missed the Impact tapings he was scheduled to film angles for.

— TNA’s mobile text messaging service announced today that the company has re-signed LAX members Homicide and Hernandez to three-year conract. Hernandez’s contract was set to expire sometime next month, but now both members are signed to TNA through 2011. Homicide said in a recent interview with The Miami Herald that three years ago, “Mick Foley was giving me advice,” Homicide told the The Miami Herald. “I was working for Ring of Honor then, and Mick Foley asked me if I would like to go to WWE. That was the decision to make – go to TNA or WWE.” Homicide said the travel schedule and influence from Konnan helped him make the decision. “With less traveling, I picked TNA,” he said. “I spoke to Konnan and told him I’d be willing to go to TNA. … In December 2005, Konnan gave me a call and said, ‘You’re in. Just come to Orlando, and we’ll build up LAX.'”

— According to a news blog on, TNA President Dixie Carter and her husband recently purchased a $2.13 million mansion on Hilsboro Pike in Nashville. The house is on 3.2 acres, has a library not to mention a yoga room. The home formerly belonged to country music star LeAnn Rimes. She’s noted as Dixie C. Salinas, which is her married name. For anyone wondering, Shelly Martinez’ TNA ring name Salinas derived from Carter’s married name as an inside joke. Her husband, Sergio Salinas, is listed as the Director of Merchandising Purchasing for TNA.

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